Our Services

Basement Excavation

Culvert Install

Road Building & Maintenance

Septic Tank Installs

Stockpile Maintenance

Channel Rehabilition

Dredging and maintenance on existing storm channel drainage throughout the city of Regina and surrounding areas.

Concrete & Asphalt Removal

Concrete and asphalt removal – Gradalls make concrete and asphalt removal simple and quick. The telescopic and tilting boom make it easy to pick up large pieces of concrete. The powerful motion of the boom cuts through asphalt with ease.


Ditching and fine grading are a specialty when it comes to the Gradalls capabilities. The tilting boom makes it easy and quick to grade the slope of the ditch to whatever degree is needed.

Embankment Failures

Repair along highways and storm channels by excavation of loose material that has slid away due to excessive rain water. A tamper is used to assure new material is compacted and will not slide again.

Erosion Control

Gradalls are great for placement of rip rap rock along ditches, storm channels or culverts.


Gradalls are great for making trenching a quick job by using the tilt of the boom to slope the side walls and make sure the trench is safe.

Basement Waterproofing

Excavation, install weeping tile around footing, placement of pea rock around weeping tile, install blue skin wrap on basement walls, backfill and final grading around house.